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277 viewsJust love their love! Actress Summer Glau with Val, Stan and baby Mila. Hair by: @christinaghair xoxoAug 12, 2017
241 viewsWhen I was invited as their only wedding guest to document their marriage, in the same place where he proposed. Love these two.Jul 20, 2017
426 viewsSummer skin and Summer Glow with Beautiful Summer Glau Jul 12, 2017
219 viewsJun 30, 2017
416 viewsJun 07, 2017

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Joan Allen
Photos of Summer Glau by photographer Joan Allen, as in the 'Mugshot' photoshoot.
8 154
Tyler Shields
Photos of Summer Glau by photographer Tyler Shields, as in the 'Ballet in the Streets' photoshoot.
5 96
Esquire - Brian Bowen Smith
Photos of Summer Glau by photographer Brian Bowen Smith for Esquire 'A Woman We Love' photoshoot and video.
3 146
FHM - Steve Shaw
Photos of Summer Glau by photographer Steve Shaw for FHM 'Top 100 Sexiest Women' photoshoot and from the behind-the-scenes video.
5 106
Magazine Photoshoots
Photos of Summer Glau's photoshoots for magazines like Entertainment Weekly, Vanity Fair, GQ or Men's Health.
15 189
Studio Photoshoots
Photos of Summer Glau from movies or TV shows promotional photoshoots, like for Firefly, Serenity or Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.
17 513
Other Shootings (incl. Agency Photos)
Photos of Summer Glau from photoshoots, portraits sessions during photocalls, press conferences, fan conventions or self assignment, including agency photos.
13 116