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Your online source for everything Summer Glau
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Firefly_promotional_photo.jpgFirefly - Promo shot of Summer Glau73 viewsJul 24, 2016
Summer_Glau_Comic_Con_Russia_142.jpg55 viewsJul 24, 2016
Awesome_Con_62.jpg77 viewsJul 20, 2016
Summer_Glau_Montreal_Comic_Con_48.jpg85 viewsPhoto op with Summer Glau. She complimented my t shirt. For those of you familiar with Joss Whedon series, you'll understandJul 19, 2016
Summer_Glau_Montreal_Comic_Con_46.jpg77 viewsBeing able to meet the most gracious and serene Summer Glau, giving her a hug, taking a picture with her because she wanted to meet me even though she was on her way out. Genuine sweetness and whole hearted warmth radiated from this woman and she was simply down to earth and human.Jul 18, 2016

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Screencaptures, production stills, posters and behind the scenes photos from Summer's movies.
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TV Shows & Web Series
Screencaptures, stills, promotional and behind the scenes photos from Summer's TV shows and Web series.
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Other Projects (incl. Shorts)
Pictures from Summer's other work such as short films, voice work, or music videos.
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Public Events
Pictures of Summer taken during movie premieres, fan conventions, award ceremonies and other events.
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Magazine outtakes, portraits and other posed photoshoots (for TV shows, movies,...) featuring Summer.
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Candids Appearances
Photos of Summer out & about taken by fans.
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Magazine Scans
Scans of Summer's appearances in magazines from all around the globe.
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Interviews and TV Appearances
Stills and captures of Summer's online interviews, DVD interviews and talk show appearances.
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Misc. Pics
Other pictures not classifiable in other categories
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Photos of Summer Glau from her years as a ballet dancer.
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Creativity Section
Fanart, banners, calendars, etc.
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